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What else can you use for surfing? Surfboard Bags, Socks, Leashes, Wax, Wetsuits and sun blockers ...

FCS Finbox Grub Sc
FCS Finbox Grub Screw 6-Pack for Surfboards
5,95 € *
Screw M4 x 25mm +
Screw M4 x 25mm + Shim for US Fin box
2 € *
Sex Wax Cool
Sex Wax Cool
3,9 € *
Windstärke7 Schlue
Windstärke7 Schluesselanhaenger
2,9 € *
Spanngurt Zurrgurt
Spanngurt Zurrgurt Windstärke7
6,9 € *
PROTECK Nose Guard
PROTECK Nose Guard Longboard Blau
29,95 € *
SUP/Surfboard carr
SUP/Surfboard carry strap system
19,9 € *
Fin hand Screw and
Fin hand Screw and Washer for SUP and Surfboard
3 € *

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As epoxy/glass surfboards are quite sensitive, it is really useful to protect them from damages and dirt with the help of a transportation bag. The so-called boardbag has a foam padding that absorbs shocks and protects the board against scratches, dings, leakages, cracks, and dirt that may occur during the transport or storage. Would't it be really annoying to arrive at the beach where you find the perfect surfspot conditions... and you find out that your surfboard has not survived the transport? Then, the surf session in the waves would be over before its start. We have some inexpensive quality board bags for surfboards ready to order right here in our surfshop: Surfboard Bags. For Cheeky boardbags, the form is inspired by the typical shapes in the corresponding sizes. So you can order Minimalibu Boardbags, Funboard bags, and also covers for fish and longboards.

Board Sock

This is an unpadded version of a board cover that is often made of a polyester and elasthane tissue. That is why it adapts to the board shape very well. It is a good choice for short transportation or short-term storage and it is especially estimated by surfers who want to step back from a voluminous boardbag but who prefer a sock that you can fold to very compact dimensions.

Surf Wax

For this surf accessory, you can find a countless choice to select from: environmentally friendly wax, perfumed or coloured wax, wax that is easy to remove and more. All these products have one main purpose: To increase the slip resistance and offer a good grip to surfers. To achieve that, you apply a base coat first and then add a wax that is adapted to the water temperature. You can choose between cold, cool, warm and tropical wax. For European spots, you will most likely need a cool wax that is perfect for water temperatures between 12°C and 20°C round about.

The leash

It prevents that the surfboard arrives at the beach faster than you if you jump off or fall. This is also a security feature as your board cannot hit other surfers. With the pvc-coated leash, you attach your ankle to the board. The leash should have the length of your surfboard roundabout. There are not big differences between the leashes from different brands: There are only small differences with regard to the workmanship, design or price.

Sun protection

In and on the water, the solar irradation and UV rays are significantly more intense than on the ground. This is due to the intense reflections on the surface on the water, in the waves and the white water. Therefore, it is highly recommendet to protect your face, your lips, your nose and your cheeks from the UV radiation if you do not want to risk a heavy sun burn. In order to protect your body, you can wear a longarm rashguard which offers an SPF of about 50 and more, or you can wear a wetsuit. Neoprene is a pretty effective way to protect yourself from the sun, and it helps against the cold.