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Your little helper when it comes to storing and transporting your bills, keys, clothes, electronics, documents or values cleanly, safely and dryly: The waterproof bags, packs, pouches and backpacks developed by OverBoard and Projekt 3. That is why these products are not only highly estimated by watersportsmen but also among outdoor enthousiasts, camping fans or simply bikers and hikers. Watertight arm pouches and belts are often used among joggers who are exposed to wet weather conditions such as rain, fog or even snow. So with the Overboard products, you can have a good feeling while carrying your cellphhone, mp3 player, GPS or other pieces of equipment that react sensitively on moisture.

Overboard Dry Tube
Overboard Dry Tube Bag 40 Liter red
39,92 € *
Overboard Dry Tube
Overboard Dry Tube Backpack 60 Liter black
78,91 € *
Overboard Waterpro
Overboard Waterproof Waist Pack LIGHT 2 L yellow
39,92 € *
Overboard Kayak SU
Overboard Kayak SUP Dry Bag 20 Liter yellow
52,59 € *
Overboard Duffel B
Overboard Duffel Bag 90 Liter ADVENTURE black
107,18 € *
Overboard Dry Tube
Overboard Dry Tube Bag 40 Liter blue
39,92 € *
Overboard Pro Ligh
Overboard Pro Light Backpack 20 Ltr Black
113,03 € *
Overboard Pro Ligh
Overboard Pro Light Backpack 30 Ltr Black
126,67 € *

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The brand Overboard

Everyhting began in 2006 on the beaches of Australia and Thailand when Dan and Joel were on a diving trip fighting with the challenge of keeping their values, electronics and clothing dry. Soon, they recongnized that a reliable and trustworthy way of keeping stuff was needed. That is when the success story of OverBoard started: Returning from the trip, Dan and Joel started developing, designing and testing a new generation of waterproof bags, and soon the first prototypes were ready. Nowadays, Overboard sells their innovative bags in more than 70 countries throughout the world and still sticks to its inital slogan: "Keep it dry!"

Classes of water tighness

In general, it is important to know that any statement on water tightness only refers to a defined usage. Many manufacturers have developed their own classification system which often resort to the international standard of IP protection classes. Talking about Overboard: The standard roll-up closure systems as they are known from many manufacturers are tested up to the tightness class 3 (IP 66) This means that backpacks, drybags, and drytubes with this kind of closure float on the water and can resist short submersions of up to 90 cm. For security reasons, it is your duty to always check the water tightness of your bag before every usage.


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