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This may be the most underestimated part of the windsurf equipment: Boardbags for windsurf boards grant an appropriate protection. This bag does not only protect your valuable sailboard against scratches, dings and defects but also from stain. Compared to the price of your surfboard, the costs for a boardbag are are a reasonable and efficient investment. But what exacly to you have to bear in mind when purchasing a boardbag? Here are our most important tips:

Cheeky Boardbag
Cheeky Boardbag
69,9 € *
Pro Limit Session-
Pro Limit Session-Boardbag
179 € *
Pro Limit Fusion D
Pro Limit Fusion Double Boardbag
159 € *
Formula Boardbag 2
Formula Boardbag 240x100
98,48 € *
ProLimit Windsurf
ProLimit Windsurf Performance Single Boardbag
149 € *
Cheeky Windurf & F
Cheeky Windurf & Foil SUP Boardbag
89,9 € *
Unifiber Double Pr
Unifiber Double Pro Boardbag 255 x 80 with XL wheels
369 € *
Side On Quiver Ses
Side On Quiver Session Boardbag 238x60 cm
159,9 € *

* Prices incl. VAT and without shipping.

Padding thickness

This is the first indicator to estimate how efficiently the boardbag protects your board: The thicker the padding, the better the bag. That is what most windsurfers think. But you have to keep in mind that the foam density also has a considerable impact on the dampening properites. That way, it is possible that a thin high-density padding can provide a better protection than a board bag with a thick low-density padding. If in doubt, it is advisable to carefully read the product descriptions or to hold the bag in your hand to make a compression test: How much force do you have to exert to compress the padding? Je bigger the force, the better the padding. This is how you can determine if the bag could be airworthy.

Single, Double, Triple Boardbag?

Boardbags that can carry more than one board can be practical: With one grasp, you have all your windsurf boards at hand and you just have to lift the bag onto the car roof and to secure it with two straps. This is a comfortable way of getting ready. But on the other hand, you have to consider the rather high weight that makes the boardbag unhandy: The weight of three boards and the weight of the boardbag itself can easily sum up to 25 to 30 kg. Another point is that you are not really flexible with a double or even triple boardbag and you might carry unnecessary weight with you. For example, when heading to a wave spot with a 3 m wave, you never need your freeride board. In addition to that, you cannot find a boardbag that is suitable for all your boards: Usually, your boards have different dimensions so that you boardbag will only fit perfectly for one board - for the biggest one. So these windsurf board bags for more than one board are usually too large for your small boards.


High-quality boardbags have a shell made of tear-resistant polyester cloth. This material is often called ripstop or, by mistake, nylon. Polyester resists the sun and the wheather conditions much better than cheap PE foils. Especially the special uv proof polyester mesh can stand several years of sun exposure. For the bottm side of a boardbag, we recommende bright colours that reflects the temperature. This prevents overheating of your sailboard.


When the zipper is broken, the boardbag becomes pretty useless. Therefore, it is advisable to keep this quality trait in mind when purchasing a boardbag. Rough zippers with big plastic teeth can resist the salt, the sand and the scale much better than small nylon zippers that tend to deform on pressure. A two-way zipper is a standard nowadays but not understood, so have an eye on that as well.

Equipment Bags, Session Bags, Quiverbags & more

Some innovative manufacturers such as Prolimit, Cheeky and Tekknosport produce bags that enable you to transport a complete rig or even a complete equipment including the board in one bag. With cheeky ideas, these manufacturers even manage to avoid that the monofilm of windsurf sails and other sensitive equipement gets compressed to much. One example is the Prolimit Windsurf Session Boardbag. But you also find solutions to transport your masts and sails in one bag, or just one complete rig. Some windsurfers prefer more than one bag to keep the quiver handy.

Further features

Shoulder straps, carrying handles, lockable fin slots, extra pockets ventilation systems, special designs, seam reinforcements, rails and side walls and further features can be decisive for the choice of an appropriate boardbag. The Surfshop W7 will be happy to assist! Here, you find the complete boardbag range offered by surfshop windstaerke 7: