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Maybe this is the most underestimated part of the windsurf equipment although it offers so many effective tuning options that may determine the success and fun of the windsurf session: The windsurf fin. That is why we advise you not always to rely on the standard fin that comes with your surfboard but to choose a fin depending on your spot, your board, your sail, the wind conditions and the rider weight. Compared to the standard fin, you should choose a longer fin for

  • more wind
  • larger sails
  • wider boards
In addition to that, it is useful to select a fin shape that is suitable for the intended purpose: We offer freeride, wave, race, freerace, freestyle and more shapes. For spots with shallow water or waters with seaweed, it can be helpful to use special weed fins.

A word on fin materials:
  • GFK, VE und GX fins are constructions that resort to polyester laminates. These fins belong to the cost-effective segment and are only medium hard. They are not easy to sand as the polyester fibres can be open and pull water. The fin surface would have to be closed by an epoxy resin.
  • G10 fins are harder and made of epoxy laminate. Fins with this kind of construction are easy to repair with the help of sanding paper: The repair can be executed without taking the risk of fringes. Another advantage of this fin type is a very good price and quality relation.
  • Carbon: This kind of material mix is highly estimated in the windsurf sector as it combines a very good hardness and stiffness with a low weight. But just as the GFK fins, the carbon fibers are exposed to the water in case of damages and you absolutely need epoxy resin to seal the sanded or damaged areas.

Our bestseller: Spinout-free carbon fins designed by Wolfgang Lessacher
Lessacher fins have convinced many windsurfers by its spinout prevention techniques such as cutouts and concaves. For details on the Lessacher fin technology that can be found in our Lessacher Chamaeleon and Duo models, please visit the designer's website: Lessacher. Buy Lessacher fins here: Lessacher Windsurf Fins

The fast access to our windsurf fin range:

Powerbox screw
Powerbox screw
1,8 € *
Tekknosport Fin G-
Tekknosport Fin G-10 Twin Cobra 155 Slot Box
119 € *
Tekknosport Fin G-
Tekknosport Fin G-10 Twin Cobra 165 Slot Box
119 € *
Tekknosport Fin G-
Tekknosport Fin G-10 Twin Cobra 175 Slot Box
119 € *
Tekknosport Fin VE
Tekknosport Fin VE Twin Pro 150 Slot Box
95,95 € *
Tekknosport Fin G-
Tekknosport Fin G-10 Twin Cobra 145 Slot Box
119 € *
Unifiber Freeride
Unifiber Freeride Tuttle Box Fin
75 € *
T-Zone Fin Race 32
T-Zone Fin Race 320 Tuttle box
49,95 € *

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