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The sail is the most remarked part of your windsurf equipment. Therefore, the design obviously is one of the decisive aspects when purchasing it. But after all, the surfer\s skills and the main spots are the most important things to consider. Connected to this, there are various other decisions to take such as the number of battens, the sail size, the extent of monofilm reinforcements and the sail weight as well as special features. In addition to that, the choice of a matching mast is of major importance for a well-balanced high-performance sail.

Windsurf Sail Brands: Naish Sails, Duotone Sails, Ezzy Sails und Wanna Sails

Ezzy Hookipa Wave
Ezzy Hookipa Wave Skinny Mast RDM
580 € *
Ezzy Lion
Ezzy Lion
795 € *
Ezzy Legacy
Ezzy Legacy
555 € *
Ezzy Taka
Ezzy Taka
690 € *
Ezzy Wave 2021
Ezzy Wave 2021
699 € *
Ezzy Legacy RDM Ma
Ezzy Legacy RDM Mast C60
309 € *
Ezzy Cheetah 2021
Ezzy Cheetah 2021
780 € *
Ezzy Zeta 2021
Ezzy Zeta 2021
718 € *

* Prices incl. VAT and without shipping.

Freeride sails

This is the most frequently bought type of sail as it is a real allround sail that allows a stressless and comfortable windsurf experience: It combines an easy rigging, a light feeling, good planing abilities and a good handling due to a reduced boom length. This way, freeride sails are the best choice for spots with light to medium wind and small waves. It works best in combination with a Freeride Board

Wave sails

You can recognize wave sails by its slim luff, its shortened boom length and its rather long leech: Wave sails are taller than freeride sails in order to offer a better handling and a better forward power also in through of the sea. You do not lose so much power. The sail profile is rather flat in order to optimize control and stability in strong wind conditions. A narrow mast pocket reduces the sail weight in the water so that in combination with the short boom, a wave sail makes waterstarts easy. Many wave sails are equipped with generous monofilm reinforcements to resist the forces of the breakwater. As weight is also important for the sail performance and the handling, modern wave sails have limited the number of battens to four or even three without impairing the stability of the sail profile.

Freestyle sails

They are optimized for a low weight and a good handling: These are the major requirements for freestyle sails that are developed for tricks, moves and jumps. The qualities make the freestyle sails also a popular pick for light and small freeride windsurfers although they have not been designed for this purpose in the first way. But this is not important: A sail that works for you is a great sail for you.

Slalom / performance sails

This sail type is similar to the freeride cuts but the difference is that the slalom sails are wider, i.e. they need longer booms, and they have a deeper sail profile that makes planing through wind holes easier and that allows high end speed. This more bellied sail profile often comes with cambers that have the disadvantages of a more complicated rigging, handling and trim. That is why freerace and slalom sails are not so easy to gibe.

Kid sails & rigs

In these windsurf sails and rigs, every design detail aims at reducing weight and improving the handling so that kids and young riders can enter the sport easily and without frustration. Also, in many cases, the brands use cheap components to keep the initial costs low. As a rule, the mast is thinner, shorter and lighter than a regular mast and it is made of alloy or epoxy. The boom has a reduced diametre so that the tubes are also easy to grip for kids' and ladies hands. The sail is kept rather simple and available in sizes between 1 sqm and 4 sqm. In order to maintain the compatibility with regular mastfeet and mast bases, many kid rigs come with a junior mast adaptor. This plastic part enlarges the diameter of the junior masts to a standard SDM diameter of 48 mm.

Easysurf sails and crossover sails

As for the cut, this type of sail is pretty similar to freeride sails, but in contrast to them, they offer even more comfort in terms of riggind and handling. These sails are the ideal choice for surfers who are not too perfectionist with regard to the sail trim but who want to get on the water fast and easlily and just want to have fun. Also, this kind of sail is often a budget sail as it is reduced to the necessary, following the slogan: Keep it simply.