Wingsurf Equipment for Wingfoil

With a rising popularity of foils under SUP boards, windsurf boards and kiteboards, surfers have rediscovered a lost innovation from the eighties: The surf wing that you use in a standing position on a short board and that you just hold in the wind, not attached to the board at all. This does not only look cool to hover above the water while the foil pushes your board up, it is also a lot of fun. That is why wingfoiling is getting more and more popular. That is why the foilwing has is the hot thing on the market right now.

Naish S25 Wing-Sur
Naish S25 Wing-Surfer
798,99 € *
Duotone Foil Boom
Duotone Foil Boom Silver Series 115-175 cm for Wing
119 € *
Duotone Foil Wing
Duotone Foil Wing Echo
579 € *
Fanatic Sky Wing
Fanatic Sky Wing
1099 € *
Duotone Unit Foil
Duotone Unit Foil Wing
699 € *
STX iFoil Wingsurf
STX iFoil Wingsurf Board inflatable
559 € *
Prolimit Wingsurf
Prolimit Wingsurf Foil Boardbag
89,9 € *
Duotone Kite and W
Duotone Kite and Wing Hose Pump Adaptor
10,16 € *

* Prices incl. VAT and without shipping.